Hello and welcome to this week's update. Today I am excited to share with you all everything we have done in the past couple of weeks.

Myself and my colleague toured the fashion district in New York City scouring some of the finest fabrics that are available to use in our next collection. Let me tell you that it was very exciting to learn more about the quality of fabrics and trims, and to visualize the right style to make with each fabric, and how to mix and match each piece.

I want to make sure that we create amazing pieces just for you. 

Our goal is to try to bring you the best quality clothing, so you can wear them with confidence !

I’ve attached a couple of photos for you all to see what we have been doing.

Our website and social media’s are now up and running, so don't forget to check us out.

We will be back with more updates  soon...thank you for reading our blog!