Hello friends and welcome to another one of our blog. There have been many exciting things going on with Rae Benson since our last note. 

You must have seen our big sales started a few weeks ago. There are some really great products we want to move from inventory, and all our sale items are handmade in the USA. So go shopping and save up to 60% off if you have not done so already. Our sourcing and sampling continues for the new Fall 2017/Spring 2018 collection. We are all down the path and it is a lot of work, but fun work of course. Not only we are working hard to bring you unique styles, but also affordable prices and great quality clothing.

We are all about making our customers happy. So tell us about your favorite type of clothes, colors, styles etc...and what do you expect from our brand? Price? Quality? Fit? Lets us know by sending us a message...we want to hear from you.

Just a little early news that we will be exhibiting in the 2018 Children's Club Trade-Show at the Javits Center in 2018, one of the biggest organizers in the country for fashion...to be continued...we are very excited about this.

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